ARSC T3E Users' Newsletter 182, Nov. 11, 1999

Supercomputing '99 Special Issue

This issue of the T3E Newsletter attempts to include SC'99 non-attenders in the event, and to provide some advance orientation to attenders. For more, including a link to live SC'99 "webcasts," see:

ARSC: Booth R1302

Attenders, be sure to visit ARSC's booth, R1302! You'll meet ARSC staff and see many examples of Arctic research.

For a virtual tour of ARSC's booth, see:


These research demos will be running at the booth:

  • Wolf Pack Territories
  • Space Weather
  • Seismic modeling
  • Alaska Military Operations Area
  • Thermal modeling
  • Caribou-Poker Creek
  • Finite element modeling
  • Astrophysical Modeling
  • Ocean circulation
  • MM5 Runs

Still images and short descriptions are also available at:


The displayed posters will be changed daily, rotating through this list:

  • Challenge Projects at ARSC
  • T3E Newsletter
  • Seismic Wave Field Modeling
  • Visualization Resources
  • Supercomputing in the Far North
  • System for Alaskan Middle Atmosphere Observation Data Network
  • Eulerian Polar Ionosphere Model
  • Parallel Modeling of Oceans and Sea Ice
  • Regional Climate Modeling
  • Networking


  • Technical papers, corresponding to most of the above posters and several other topics (such as nanotubes, large-eddy simulation of a turbulent flame, and the "Body Language User Interface"), will be available at the booth. (They're also available at ARSC's offices, or by request to: .)
  • Post-cards (write home!)
  • ARSC posters (for your wall)
  • Misc. Gifts

HPCMO: Booth R804

ARSC is a DoD Supercomputing Resource Center of the Department of Defense, High Performance Computing Modernization Office (HPCMO).

At its booth, the HPCMO will "demonstrate its support to the DoD and the warfighter via a multimedia CDROM, an interactive poster slide show, and some limited demonstrations." [Note, quoted descriptions throughout this newsletter taken from]

You'll see more ARSC demos on the CDROM, and these additional ARSC posters:

  • Coupled Ocean/Ice/Atmosphere Modeling
  • Satellite Data Yields Information About Soil Moisture in Remote Areas
  • ARSC Project Helps Make Alaska Airspace Safer
  • Supercomputers Aid Remote Topographic Mapping

Internet2: Booth RE812

"Internet2 is a collaborative effort led by more than 150 U.S. universities working with industry and government."

(Included in this is the Univesity of Alaska.)

T3E Software Vendors' Booths

Meet the good folks that bring us:


Pallas Corporation: Booth 810

"Pallas provides quality and portable tools and services around MPI, PVM, HPF, OpenMP. Vampir, Vampirtrace, and Dimemas; these parallel profiling and visualization products represent state-of-the-art performance analysis tools."


The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI): Booth 415

"PGI is the leading independent supplier of Fortran, C, and C++ compilers for high performance computing. PGHPF High Performance Fortran is installed on 35% of the top 100 supercomputers worldwide."


Cray Research: Booth 681 SGI: Booth 621

Ptools: BOF

Guy is on the panel for this BOF:

Ptools: Effective Requirements

Thursday 5pm Room C-120/121/122

The BOF will explore the requirements and procurement of software and tools as related to their implementation across multiple vendors and machine types.

Task Force on Cluster Computing: BOF

[ From: Rajkumar Buyya ]

The SC'99 TFCC BOF Agenda and other details are available at:

I have also put slides of the "Introduction to TFCC" presentation at:

TFCC BOF schedule details at SC'99 are:

Nov. 17, 1999 Wednesday 5:30pm Room C 120/121/122


Cray User Group members will be active at both the Cray Research and SGI booths. Are you going to Noordwijk?

Watch for Don Morton & Co.

The University of Montana - Missoula will be sending five people to SC'99. Don Morton, an ARSC-affiliate, is bringing four undergraduate students so that they may be exposed to the state-of-the-art technologies discussed in the sessions and displayed on the exhibition floor. The students at U. Montana typically work on Unix and NT personal computer platforms, and are therefore very excited to broaden their horizons through this trip to Portland. Most of their travel funds were obtained by a request for, and justification of, funds from the Associated Students of The University of Montana (ASUM).

Local News Item: HPC Seminar at ARSC, Dec 7-8

Mark your calendar!

On Dec. 7-8, ARSC is sponsoring a seminar on the future of high performance computing. This will occur on the UAF campus.

The invited speakers are leaders in scientific computing, and come from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), California Institute of Technology, University of Houston, and University of Washington.

Details to appear soon on ARSC's web site, , and in the next T3E Newsletter.


Quick-Tip Q & A

{{ Same question... {{ {{ To date, we've received three working, but shell-specific, {{ responses. Anyone have a general solution?

Q: Can you write a program (C or Fortran) that prints the path, 
   relative or absolute, to its executable?

   It should work whether you type the path to the executable
   explicitly or if you type its name, and the system must search the
   PATH variable to locate it.  (In other words, argv[0] won't always
   hold the answer.)  Here's a contrived sample session:

     yukon$ pwd
     yukon$ ./here_i_am
     "here_i_am" is in directory: .
     yukon$ cd /
     yukon$ tmp/here_i_am
     "here_i_am" is in directory: tmp
     yukon$ echo $PATH
     yukon$ here_i_am
     "here_i_am" is in directory: /tmp

   Send in your solutions! 

   In honor of SC99, we'll send a small prize to everyone who solves
   this challenge.  Deadline: Monday, Nov 22.  

[ Answers, questions, and tips graciously accepted. ]

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