ARSC T3D Users' Newsletter 89, May 31, 1996

ARSC Bids Farewell to Mike Ess

(If I may wax poetic...) Our farewell BBQ for Mike was exactly one week ago today, outside. It was a crisp spring afternoon in Fairbanks. The forests of black spruce and budding birch trees, backed by the distant snowy peaks, Deborah, Hess, and Hayes, of the Alaska Range, provided a podium for his "going away speech" of which prime ministers and presidential candidates would be envious.

We already miss Mike. His sense of humor and convivial spirit made him an irreplaceable office mate. His long experience in supercomputing made him an oft-sought resource. And, of course, the expertise he brought to our MPP program and this newsletter was one of our notable assets. We wish Mike all the best. But, as Frank Williams, the Director of ARSC, noted, Mike is the kind of guy who makes his own luck. Wherever he goes, I'm sure he'll do fine.

ARSC Seeks Parallel Processing Specialist

(You knew THIS was coming...) The following announcement appears on HPCwire and also on ARSC's web site at:


University of Alaska Fairbanks Arctic Region Supercomputing Center

Announcement of Available Position

Position: Parallel Software Specialist Salary: DOE Job Duration: Full time, regular Opening Date: May 20, 1996 Closing Date: Start reviewing applications May 27, 1996. Open until filled.


The primary responsibility of the Parallel Software Specialist is to take a leadership role establishing the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center as a center of excellence in applications software on the CRAY T3D massively parallel supercomputer system, emphasizing computational fluid dynamics, engineering, image processing, climate-weather-ocean modeling, and other advanced scientific application areas. In addition, the person holding this position will provide specialized software support and training for scientific researchers and programmers by consulting with individual users, teaching classes, and writing, disseminating, and maintaining documentation. To provide specialized support to customers in scientific disciplines, the Parallel Software Specialist will collaborate on and/or develop research projects and proposals.

Major Duties

  • Work individually with ARSC Customers assisting in the development of CRAY T3D application software.
  • Assist researchers with the optimization of their programs so that the hardware is used efficiently, and identify those programs that could achieve significant speedup if run on parallel architecture to demonstrate the effectiveness of massively parallel technology.
  • Work with users to identify and investigate problems; coordinate with other technical staff as needed to provide solutions, and if needed, report system problems and recommend system changes in order to provide the highest quality user support.
  • Develop and teach courses; lead seminars/workshops on parallel computing and other related high performance computing and communications areas.
  • Initiate, coordinate, develop, and write proposals in cooperation with ARSC or other scientific investigators to obtain external support for ARSC development and research funding; organize field-specific training workshops to provide in-depth user support to researchers in those areas.
  • Train other support staff; staff may include professional scientists, researchers, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Develop and perform technical demonstrations of various hardware and software items for visiting scientists, customers, and at conferences.
  • Research and develop model algorithms and template application software that address the needs of ARSC customers.
  • Be able to develop efficient load-balancing algorithms for heterogeneous codes.
  • Provide support for hardware and software acquisitions, algorithm development, and applications for parallel computing.
  • Maintain state-of-the-art technical knowledge in a rapidly evolving field.

Education and Experience Required

  • Masters degree in physics, geophysics, fluid dynamics, oceanography, engineering, computer science or a related field with a strong emphasis on scientific computation. Ph.D. strongly preferred.
  • Experience with optimizing vectorized programs and parallel programming techniques.
  • Extensive scientific programming in Fortran and/or C.
  • Extensive experience programming under the Unix operating system.
  • Experience with a variety of scientific software application packages.
  • Extensive first-hand high-performance computer programming experience.
  • Experience in scientific research projects and writing research proposals and reports.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and experience in writing documentation for computer users.
  • Ability to define and implement user support requirements.

Education and Experience Preferred

  • Experience in successfully developing parallel software.
  • Experience teaching technical subjects and making technical presentations.
  • Experience with workstation tools and network access between workstations and supercomputers.


Applicants will submit a letter of interest, complete resume, and three letters of reference to:

Ms Betty Studebaker/Administrative Assistant Arctic Region Supercomputing Center University Of Alaska PO Box 756020 Fairbanks AK 99775-0620

907-474-6307 (voice) 907-450-8601 (fax)

UAF is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and educational institution. Persons hired by the University of Alaska must comply with provisions of the 1986 Immigration Control Act and are expected to possess a valid social security number. Your application for employment with the University of Alaska is subject to public disclosure under the Alaska Public Records Act.

Enhancing T3D/T3E Site-To-Site Information Exchange

George Delic of NESC asked us to help distribute the following request to the T3D/T3E community:

> We manage and support the U.S. EPA National Environmental Supercomputing
> Center in Bay City, Michigan, USA, and request your response if you are
> at a Cray T3D (or T3E) site and are a member of the support staff.  If
> you are not directly responsible for T3D/T3E support please forward
> this Email to the appropriate staff at your site.
> We would like to exchange information with your site on Cray T3D
> (or T3E) Massively Parallel Processor support functions and staff
> with a view to enhancing support for our T3D user community.
> Detailed information about us is available on our WWW site:
> We would be greatly appreciated receiving the following information
> from your site:
>                 - name
>                 - phone number
>                 - Email address
>                 - name
>                 - phone number
>                 - Email address
>         (3) Your site's WWW address (if any).
> Thank you for your attention to this request.
> We look forward to hearing from you.
> -- 
> =============================================================================
 George Delic, Ph.D.,             

 Snr. Scientific Computing Consultant,

 NESC, Lockheed Martin,               

 Technical Services, Inc.,            

 135 Washington Avenue,               
    Tel : 517-894-7662              

 Bay City, MI 48708-5845              
    Fax : 517-894-7676              
> =============================================================================
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
DISCLAIMER TO VENDORS: This correspondence is being made for informational

purposes only. It should be understood that information obtained by this  

correspondence is for information purposes only and is in no way to be    

considered to be a commitment by Lockheed Martin to your company. All     

purchases and requests for quotations and proposals are handled by the    

Lockheed Martin Purchasing Department.                                    

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

A Call for Material

If you have discovered a good technique or information concerning the T3D and you think it might benefit others, please send it to the e-mail address above and it will be passed on through this newsletter.
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