ARSC T3D Users' Newsletter 70, January 19, 1996

Meeting on the Optimization of Codes for the CRAY MPP Systems

There will be a meeting on optimizing T3D codes at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), January 24th to 26th. More details can be gotten from the PSC web page at:

Following are the presentations scheduled for this meeting:
  • Lattice QCD Simulation Programs on the Cray T3D S.P. Booth, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, University of Edinburgh
  • Parallel AMBER Enhancements and Particle-Mesh Ewald Electrostatics Tom Darden, National Institute of Environmental Health & Safety; Tom Cheatham, UCSF, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Mike Crowley, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Experience with Early Versions of the HPF Compilers for the T3D Mike Ess, Arctic Regional Supercomputing Center
  • Parallel Simulated Annealing on the T3D Carlos Gonzalez, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • High Performance MPP Codes Nicholas Mark Hazel, The Univ. of Edinburgh, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
  • Design and Implementation of Efficient Bitonic Sorting Algorithms on the T3D Chua-Huang Huang, The Ohio State University / Ohio Supercomputing Center
  • Software Package for Simulation of Electromagnetic Fields Tom Cwik, Cinzia Zuffada, and Vahraz Jamnejad, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Daniel Katz, Cray Research Inc.
  • Implementing the Monte Carlo and Sparse Matrix Algorithms Needed for Lattice QCD on the T3D Greg Kilcup, The Ohio State University, Department of Physics
  • A Study of Sort Routines on the T3D Kevin Lind, Cray Research, Inc.
  • Performance of a Major Oil Reservoir Simulation Olaf Lubeck, LASL, Computing, Information and Communications Department
  • AMBER 4.1 for the T3D Ken Merz and James Vincent, Penn State University, Department of Chemistry
  • F-- : A Minimalist's View of Parallel Fortran for Shared and Distributed Memory Computers Robert Numrich, Cray Research, Inc.
  • The Parallel Finite Element Method Dave O'Neal and R. Reddy, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Introduction to the CRAY T3E Peter Rigsbee, Cray Research, Inc.
  • Parallel Sequence Analysis Alexander J. Ropelewski, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Optimizing the ARPS Model for Execution on MPPs Adwait Sathye, Univ. of Oklahoma, Center for Analysis & Prediction of Storms
  • I/O Optimization on the T3D John Urbanic and Ravishankar Subramanya, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Mathematical Offsetting Scheme to Improve Alignment and Enhance Performance on MPP Systems David Wong, North Carolina State University, Deptartment of Computer Science
  • CHARMM Bill Young, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

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