ARSC T3D Users' Newsletter 68, January 5, 1996

PGHPF is Running at ARSC

The Portland Group has kindly extended ARSC's license to use their HPF compiler until February 29th. Please contact Mike Ess if you have any problems or results from using pghpf. The instructions for using pghpf at ARSC were described in newsletter #65 (12/15/95).

Accessing 128 PEs at ARSC

It is not always possible to access 128 PEs in a predictable way now that the ARSC T3D is more active. To help with this access, after downtime this Tuesday, January 9th, we will open the 128PE, 5 minute NQS queue first and let all accumulated jobs (5 minutes or less) execute. Then when the 128 PE jobs are complete we will activate the other T3D queues.

So if you would like to execute on 128 PEs for less than 5 minutes, submit your NQS job before 5PM on Tuesday January 9th. This procedure is an experiment, and if it goes well we may make it a regular part of Tuesday downtime. If you have any questions about this please contact Mike Ess.

CUG Table of Contents

In last week's newsletter, I mentioned that the proceedings for the Alaska CUG were not yet available. Just this week, I received my copy and the table of contents of the proceedings is given below. If you would like a copy of some article, send a request to me and I'll mail it out. (These articles are not available though the CUG home page.)

Proceedings of the 36th Semi Annual Cray User Group Meeting, Fairbanks, Alaska September 25-29, 1995

General Sessions

  • A History of Supercomputers, Les Davis
  • Customer Service General Session, Gary Kadomatsu
  • The Federal HPCC Program: Assessment and Challenge, George Cotter

Parallel Sessions

Applications and Algorithms
  • Portable Message-Passing Programming for MPPs and PVPs, Margaret A. Cahir
  • Estimation Algorithm for Ocean Tides, C90-->T3D, Andrea Hudson, Dennis Morrow, Nick Pavlis, and Braulio Sanchez
  • Combining UNICHEM and Electron Momentum Spectroscopy to Study Valence Electronic Structure of Molecules, M.T. Michalewicz, I.E. McCarthy, M. Brunger, and V.M. Norling
  • Migrating Applications to the CRAY T90 Series IEEE Floating Point, Doug Petesch
  • Analysis of Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery of Alaska and Antarctic Radar Altimeter Data Acquired by the First European Remote Sensing Satellite (ERS-1), Vera Voronina, Dennis R. Fatland, and Craig S. Lingle
  • Multigrid Approach for Petroleum Reservoir Simulation on the Cray T3D, Kefei Wang, David O. Ogbe, Akanni S. Lawal, and Donald J. Morton
  • Linear Scalability on Decision Support Systems: Cray CS6400, Brad Carlile
  • The Cray Tape Management System for Solaris, John C. Falkenthal and Karen D. Reynolds
  • CS 6400 Service Considerations, Nicole Gerard
  • Customisation of the CS6400, Dave Haworth
  • CS6400 Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) Features, S. Sridhar
  • Network Performance in a Large Environment, Kazuyuki Yamashita, Shigeki Miyaji, Masahito Yamaga, and Michihisa Umekawa
  • Integrated Visual Computing, Kszysztof S. Nowinski
  • AVS for the CRAY T3D, Mitchell Roth, Dmitrii Zagorodnov, and Karen Woys
  • Binary-Swap and Shear-Warp Volume Renderer on the T3D, Roy Troutman, Chuck Hansen, Mike Krogh, James Painter, and Guillaume Colin de Verdiere
  • The Visualization and Computation System (VCS) -- Uniquely Versatile Software, Dean N. Williams, Robert L. Mobley, Robert S. Drach, and Thomas J. Philipps
  • PARAVOL: Parallel Volume Rendering for Virtual Medicine, Rony Yagel, Don Stredney, Gregory Wiet, and Asish Law
Mass Storage Systems
  • Experiences with the DMF Advanced Tape MSP, Brigit Hellwich and Mathilde Romberg
  • Integrating D3 Technology into an Existing DMF Configuration, Alan K. Powers
  • Multiple Resident AFS Fileserver at Garching, Hartmut Reuter
  • Shared File System Experiences, Denise Underwood-Hannagan and Patrick McQueeney
  • High Performance Communication in Large MTU Networks, Peter W. Haas
  • Progress of ATM Customer Trials at Sandia National Laboratories, John H. Naegle and Nicholas Testi
  • Experiences with CRI ATM at SARA, Jan Overweel
Operating Systems
  • Sifting UNICOS MLS Features, Francis Belot and Francois Gelineau
  • UNICOS Kernels Internals Application Development, Nicholas P. Cardo
  • Management Experiences of a Cray T3D Computer in an Academic Environment, Jean-Michel Chenais
  • The UNICOS Fair Shared Scheduler as a Feedback Control System, Cass Everitt, Terry Jones, and Robert M. Knesel
  • The File System Assistant: A File System Distribution Technique, Jim Harrel
  • Configuration Server Overview, Shravan Pargal
  • ARSC Host Site Presentation, Virginia L. Bedford
  • Alternative Service Solutions, Norm Belbot
  • Maximizing Job Throughput Under NQS on the Cray T3D, Michael W. Brown
  • High Performance Computing at Sandia National Labs, R. Michael Cahoon, John P. Noe, and Walter H. Vandevender
  • CRI Question and Answer Panel, Julie Larson, Tom Boyle, Steve Johnson, Dave Judd, Kevin Matthews, and Dave Wallace
Performance Evaluation
  • Portable Efficient, Parallelization of a 3d Quasi-Geostrophic Multi-Grid Code, Clive Baillie, James C. McWilliams, Jeffery B. Weiss, and Irad Yavneh
  • Memory, I/O and Multiprocessing Considerations on ABAQUS and MATLAB, Dong Ju Choi and Mike Ess
  • The Evaluation of Process Accounting Data to Analyze and Pinpoint Performance Bottlenecks in a Job Mix, Jeffery A. Kuehn
  • Expanding the Use of Parallel Processing in a Commercial Structural Analysis Code, Eugene L. Poole
  • SDSC's Installation and Development of Kerberos, Wayne Schroeder
Software Tools
  • Xcf77: An OSF/Motif based GUI for Cf77, Joachim Backes
  • A New Approach to Increase Parallelism for Dependent Loops, Yeong-Sheng Chen, Tsang-Ming Jiang, and Sheng-De Wang
  • Dedicated Computing on a Y-MP/C916, Bruce C. Curtis and Bruce E. Kelly
  • Evaluation of HPF Products on the Cray-T3D, Michael Ess
  • Automatic Parallelization of CRAY T3D MPP FORTRAN Programs, Min Feng and Kara L. Nance
  • ABC: A blocked C/C++ Parallel Programming Model, Mike Holly and Bill Homer
  • Implementation of IEEE Floating-point Arithmetic on the Cray T90 System, James M Kiernan and William J. Harrod
  • Cray TotalView(TM) Development Plans, Dennis Moen, Pete Johnson, Dennis Parker, and Allen Stipek
  • Message Passing Generator for HPF on CRAY T3D, Kyeongdeok Moon, Nanjoo Ban, Teageum Kim, Joongkwon Kim, and Yearback Yoo
User Services
  • A Single Interface for Providing User Services, Jay Boisseau and Dale Clark
  • Searching for the Ideal MAN Tool, Barbara L. Herron
  • Monitoring Object Library Usage and Changes, R.K. Owen
  • User Services Strategy for User Accounts Maintenance, Beata Sarnowski
  • Surviving the MPP Information Explosion, Leslie Southern, Mike Ess, and, Rich Raymond

Joint Session

  • A Progress Report on UNICOS Misuse Detection at Los Alamos, Joseph L. Thompson, Kathleen A. Jackson, Cathy A. Stallings, Dennis D. Simmonds, Christine L.B. Siciliano, and George A. Pedicini


  • UNICOS Out of the Box Setup Topics for Experienced UNIX Administrators, Lonnie A. Berkebile

Attendee List

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