ARSC T3D Users' Newsletter 10, October 28, 1994

Upcoming Upgrade on ARSC T3D Software

A user has asked for a feature that is in the most current version of the CrayLibs_M. CrayLibs_M currently running on the ARSC T3D consists of:

  • libsci.
  • libmv2.
  • libpvm3.
  • libsma.
  • libf.
  • libfi.
  • libu.
  • libcomm.
  • clibinc.
  • arith.
and most of these are libraries in /mpp/lib on denali. More detail on what is currently in these libraries can be found by executing:

(You might also want to look at the files, and

To install the new version of CrayLibs_M we will have to upgrade the T3D operating system from MAX 1.0 to MAX 1.1. This will require a reboot of denali and the earliest that could be is Wednesday night, November 2nd. When the date for the installation is known denali users (this includes T3D users) will be notified.

We have also had a crash of the T3D recently which we think that the new operating system may also fix.

In the meantime, I suggest that users run their codes before the change and save their sources and results. Then if they run again after the change we can pinpoint the reason for differences caused by the installation. This release will also correct some bugs, so users might also run previous codes that had problems to see if they are fixed after this installation.

ARSC Course Announcement

I will be teaching my first T3D class next week. If on the dates below, you happen to be in Alaska, on the UAF campus and some of the topics below interest you, then you are welcomed to stop by.

Title: Applications Programming on the CRAY T3D Dates: October 31, November 1, 2 Time: 9:00 AM -12 NOON, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Location: University of Alaska Fairbanks Instructor: Mike Ess, ARSC T3D Consultant

Lab Location: Chapman Computer Lab, 1st floor

Lecture Locations:

  • October 31st, Woods Center Conference Room MCR
  • November 1st, Woods Center Conference Room B
  • November 2nd, Woods Center Conference Room MCR


  • Day #1
    • Lec #1 (9:00 - 10:30) Motivation for MPP and Background
    • Lec #2 (10:30 - 12:00) Hardware Overview
    • Lec #3 (1:00 - 3:00) Software Overview
    • Lab #1 (3:00 - 5:00) Performance speeds on uniprocessor jobs, T3D and Y-MP
  • Day #2
    • Lec #4 (9:00 - 10:30) Programming models and PVM
    • Lab #2 (10:30 - 12:00) Summation of integers with PVM
    • Lec #5 (1:00 - 3:00) Fortran World and C
    • Lab #3 (3:00 - 5:00) Craft Fortran
  • Day #3
    • Lec #6 (9:00 - 10:30) Programming tools, Performance, Machine Differences
    • Lab #4 (10:30 - 12:00) Timing communications
    • Lec #7 (1:00 - 3:00) NQS, Totalview, Apprentice, I/O
    • Lab #5 (3:00 - 5:00) NQS scripts, Totalview, Apprentice, IOzone

CRI Personnel at ARSC

In last week's Newsletter I incorrectly attributed the AIC (Analyst in Charge) position at ARSC to Ron Renfrew. Jim White is the AIC at ARSC. There are four CRI analysts at ARSC:
  • Software
    • Jim White (AIC)
    • Mike Dority (Systems Analyst)
  • Hardware
    • Ron Renfrew (Engineer in Charge (or Project Manager))
    • John Metzner (Systems Engineer)

Current Editors:
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