ARSC T3D Users' Newsletter 1, August 25, 1994

New Information on ARSC's T3D

New Operating System on ARSC's T3D

On August 14, 1994 the latest release of the T3D software (MAX was installed on the T3D at ARSC. This software supports the 3 models of the CRAFT software environment:
  1. data parallel
  2. worksharing
  3. PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) message passing
For more information on this subject, type on denali:

  news t3dinfo 

New Queue Structures for the T3D

As of July 1, 1994, a new queue structure was set up for batch submissions to the T3D. Currently there are three batch queues:

                LIM/CNT     LIM/CNT     LIMIT   LIMIT   LIMIT
  ------------- -------  -------------  ------  ------  ------
  m_8pe_24hr      4/1        32/2            8   86400   86400
  m_16pe_24hr     2/0        32/0           16   86400   86400
  m_32pe_24hr     1/0        32/0           32   86400   86400
The queue structure is subject to change and its current configuration can be checked with the qstat -m command on denali.

New Accounting on ARSC's Y-MP and T3D

With the new operating system change, the accounting formula was changed to include CPU time on the T3D. Briefly the accounting formula is now:

  + 0.050*T3D(CPU-hours)
  + 0.005*Memory(MWord-hours)
  + 0.003*Disk(GByte-hours)
  + 0.003*DMF Silo(GByte-hours)
  + 0.000*CRL Tape
  = total SU's

Notice that one hour's usage of a T3D processor is 1/20th of one hour's usage of the Y-MP processor. For more information on the accounting formula, type on denali:

  news accounting 
or see Accounting.html
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