ARSC T3D Users' Newsletter Bulletin, January 24, 1997


This is an update of MPP activity at ARSC. The Newsletter is still on vacation, but will be back in a month or two.

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ARSC's T3E to Arrive in Early March

ARSC is upgrading to an 88 PE, 128 mbyte per PE, liquid cooled, CRAY T3E. We expect that it will be available to general users in early April.

Meanwhile, the T3D will remain operational until late April, providing a period of overlap with the T3E. This overlap should provide a chance for users to migrate and test their codes on the T3E while continuing production runs on the T3D.

Welcome to ARSC's New MPP Specialist, Guy Robinson

I am delighted to introduce a new colleague, Guy Robinson.

Guy hit the permafrost running, and, thus, hasn't had the time to put together a home page yet. So you can't see his picture. However, I can tell you a few things. Guy earned an MA in theoretical physics at Cambridge University in Cambridge, England. He worked as a consultant on a project to develop a parallel version of the IFS global forecasting model at the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting in the U.K., programming several MPP systems including T3D's up to 1024 nodes. Most recently, he worked on HPF and "development tools for effective parallel computing" at the European Centre for Parallel Computing at Vienna, Austria.

Guy's primary responsibility at ARSC will be managing the T3E, from the software and user point-of-view.

Other Events at ARSC

We have completed our upgrades to Programming Environment 2.O and UNICOS 9.0 (PE1.0 is gone: if you're having problems finding libraries or compilers, please read news pe2.0 and news UNICOS_9.0 ). We are in the process of upgrading all of our SGI's to IRIX 6.2, have recently acquired 12 SGI O2 desktop workstations, and will soon bring an SGI Onyx 2 on line.

We still have open staffing positions. See ARSC's job listings.

Quick-Tip Q&A

I confess: I don't have an answer to the question posed in the last Newsletter (and, of course, this is the one time nobody has responded). "In 'vi' is there a way to tell which column the cursor is in?" Any ideas?

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