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"LSI HW Support Expired" on lsi

Last Updated: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 -
Machines: lsi
LSI Hardware is Now Off Vendor Support
The hardware vendor support contract for the LSI hardware has expired.
Existing LSI hardware can no longer be repaired under contract
or warranty. If a hardware failure occurs, all or part of the LSI
infrastructure may cease to operate.

All compute hardware still under vendor support is being migrated to
the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (ARSC) system
located on the UAF campus.

All storage hardware will continue to support existing LSI file share
services and the LSI compute portal. However, all data is "AT RISK"
of being lost in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure.

All backup policies will continue to be honored until a hardware
failure occurs. Users are strongly encouraged to maintain a backup
of their information and data in case of a catastrophic failure.

"LSI Login Node Retired" on lsi

Last Updated: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 -
Machines: lsi
LSI Login Node, Anyu, Retired
The compute node "" is retired. During the
last maintenance update, the hardware failed to boot properly.
There are insufficient replacement parts to safely maintain the
node for supporting user activity. User data which resided on "anyu"
is available upon request.

"LSI Portal Migration" on lsi

Last Updated: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 -
Machines: lsi
LSI Compute Portal Migration
The LSI Compute Portal available at will begin its migration to
a new host in 2014.

Following the January 2014 scheduled LSI System downtime, a clone of
the LSI Compute Portal will be available at
This clone will enable bioinformatics users to submit jobs to the
ARSC pacman system hosting LSI compute hardware and a 128 core
bioinformatics node with 2 TB of RAM. Jobs submitted to the LSI
Compute Portal will run on the LSI hardware via the "bio" queue in
pacman's batch scheduling environment.

The original LSI Compute Portal
( will remain in operation
through December 2014 and will continue to submit jobs to the remaining
LSI compute hardware which will remain separate from the ARSC pacman

"Login Cluster Retirement" on lsi

Last Updated: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 -
Machines: lsi
LSI "tuxedo" System to be Retired

    During the May 2014 UAF Fire Alarm and Safety Test Downtime, 
    the "" LSI login cluster will be
    retired. Replacing the service provided by the tuxedo login cluster
    will be "", the Penguin Computing Cluster hosted by
    the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center on the UAF campus.

    The pacman system is a 2816 core system offering both interactive
    logins and batch job submissions from the cluster itself and the LSI
    Compute Portal.  The pacman system supports long runtime batch jobs
    and a 128 core node with 2 TB of RAM for bioinformatics applications.

    For information on how to access pacman and the 128 core node
    dedicated to the use of bioinformatics applications, please contact
    ARSC User Support at

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