ARSC HPC Users' Newsletter 380 -- Bulletin, February 19, 2008

ARSC Acquires Cray XT5 System

ARSC has acquired significant new supercomputing resources under the 2008 Technology Insertion process, through the DoD HPC Modernization Program.

ARSC is receiving two Cray XT5 systems, a primary production system and a smaller test and development system. Here's the configuration of the primary system:

ARSC Cray XT5 Frames - 5 Cray XT5 frames Cores - 3456 (432 nodes) Memory - 13.5 TB Disk - 150 TB Interconnect - Cray SeaStar Estimated peak performance - 31.8 Tflops

The new Cray XT5 will replace Iceberg, ARSC's 800 processor IBM P4 supercomputer. Iceberg has served ARSC users well and performed in an outstanding manner, but it's reached the end of its production life.

The new supercomputer will expand ARSC's capability to provide leading edge HPC resources to a global community of researchers. Additional information will be available in future newsletters, announcements, and on the ARSC web site.

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