ARSC Resources

ARSC provides the following resources for the benefit of our user community.

Computing Resources

  • Fish - 1152 CPU processor Cray XK6m (computational)
  • Pacman - 2816-processor Penguin Computing Cluster (computational)
  • ARSC Labs - Classroom and Macintosh systems (instructional and visualization)
  • Linux Workstations - For in-person and remote modeling and visualization

Storage Resources

  • Bigdipper - Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server (storage)
  • Dig Dug - Non-commodity Large Lustre File System (storage)
  • Galaga - IBM TS3500 tape library (storage)

Additional Resources



ARSC consultants and specialists provide direct assistance to ARSC users. ARSC Consultants give training and support to ARSC users by phone, email, and on-site, as needed. ARSC Specialists provide expertise in specialized areas such as massively parallel programming, code migration, and program optimization.


ARSC's relationship with University of Alaska facilitates collaborative research opportunities for academic and government scientists. Areas of research include ice, ocean, and atmospheric coupled modeling; regional climate modeling; global climate change; permafrost, hydrology, and arctic engineering; magnetospheric, ionospheric, and upper atmospheric physics; volcanology and geology; petroleum and mineral engineering; as well as arctic biology. ARSC actively participates in a joint-faculty program supporting University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers in several departments across campus.

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