Supercomputer on Final Leg of Journey

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA -- A $10.2 million supercomputer began the final leg of its 3,500 mile journey to Fairbanks early this morning in a truck driven by an 'Animal.'

The 15,000 pound CRAY supercomputer, bound for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, departed Anchorage today (Thursday Sept. 9) -- driven by Pat 'Animal' Weisheipl, a contract driver for Cray Research Inc., the Minnesota-based company that built the machine. The 350 mile drive through the Alaska Mountain Range is expected to take about eight hours.

The supercomputer -- the first in the Last Frontier -- will form the basis of the new Arctic Region Supercomputing Center. This supercomputer should be available to academic and commercial users worldwide on September 15, and will be used mainly for scientific research.

The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center was established with a $25 million federal grant in 1992.

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