Supercomputer Heads North to Alaska

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA -- Luxury accommodations, an ocean cruise and air-cushioned ride -- that's how a $10.2 million supercomputer is traveling to Alaska.

The extremely-fast, large-memory CRAY supercomputer named Denali departs September 1, 1993 from Cray Research Inc.'s facility in Eagan, Minn. headed for the new Arctic Region Supercomputing Center which is located on the University of Alaska Fairbanks main campus.

The 15,000 pound, super-sensitive, high-tech equipment will make its 3,500-mile journey in relative luxury -- trucked inside a climate-controlled (temperature and humidity) air-ride van to Seattle. Next, the supercomputer will set sail across the Gulf of Alaska for Anchorage. The itinerary schedules the supercomputer's final stop in Fairbanks on September 11.

The supercomputer -- the first in The Last Frontier -- has been available to academic researchers, scientists and commercial users worldwide since January 1993 via an international computer-to-computer communications network called Internet. Following the move and installation, a global hookup from Fairbanks will be re-established September 15.

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