Announcing Upgrade of Cray XD1



The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (ARSC) announces new upgrades to Nelchina , a six-chasis Cray XD1 cluster.

During the past two months, ARSC and Cray staff have been busy adding three more chassis to the Cray XD1, Nelchina .  Each of the new chassis has 6 nodes with 2 dual core AMD Opteron processors per node.

Once the upgrade is complete, Nelchina will have 108 Processing Environments in the following configuration.
  •   6-  nodes with 2 AMD Opteron 250 Processors (Single Core) with FPGAs
  •   12- nodes with 2 AMD Opteron 250 Processors (Single Core)
  •   18- nodes with 2 AMD Opteron 280 Processors (Dual Core)

The upgrade also includes a change to the fat tree network topology, which improves performance for all-to-one, one-to-all, or all-to-all communications by providing a direct link between each node.

About ARSC

The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, located on the campus of the Universityof Alaska Fairbanks, supports computational research in science and engineeringwith emphasis on high latitudes and the Arctic. The center provides high performancecomputational, visualization, networking and data storage resources for researcherswithin the University of Alaska, other academic institutions, the Departmentof Defense and other government agencies. ARSC is an Allocated Distributed Centerin the Department of Defense's High Performance Computing Modernization Program.For additional information about ARSC, go to

CONTACT: Jenn Wagaman, ARSC Public Affairs Coordinator, (907) 450-8662,

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