High School Teacher Selected to Attend Supercomputer Conference

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA -- Just how big is the technology leap from using desktop computers to supercomputers? Soon Delta Junction High School computer teacher Jack Detzel will know the answer.

Detzel is the only Alaska teacher among 75 selected nationally to attend a high-tech computer conference in Portland, Oregon, in November. "I'm pumped. I'm really excited," he said.

Detzel runs the high school's lab that has 25 desktop computers made by Apple Computer Inc. At the conference Detzel says he'll learn about supercomputing and share what he learns with his students.

The Delta Junction teacher will attend Supercomputing '93 - an annual conference organized to advance supercomputing technology. To encourage teachers K-12 to participate, the conference pays for airfare, lodging and registration.

The education program gives educators a three-day, hands-on introduction to high-performance computing and computational science. The high-tech supercomputing conference will be held November 14 - 16, 1993.

The Delta Junction teacher was recently recognized for helping his students make a computerized video, sound and text presentation of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp.'s annual report and education materials.

The University of Alaska's Arctic Region Supercomputing Center will have a research booth at Supercomputing '93 and will present current scientific research being done on the center's CRAY supercomputer.

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