Arctic Region Researchers Awarded $350,000

FAIRBANKS, Alaska. -- The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (ARSC) announces the receipt of $350,000 from the Cray University Research & Development Grant Program sponsored by supercomputer manufacturer Cray Research. These competitive grants to scientists affiliated with ARSC, located at the University of Alaska Fairbanks ( UAF ), will sponsor research ranging from petroleum reservoir simulation to medical imaging.

Cray Research grants encourage research and development in computational science and engineering, and the development of software for supercomputer systems thereby providing programming solutions to real-world problems for Cray systems. The University Research & Development Grant Program also serves to complement the internal research efforts of Cray Research in selected areas of hardware and software development.

Seven of the 10 awards granted to ARSC are to researchers at the University of Alaska. Awards ranged from $14,000 to $50,000. These research projects use the high performance computing hardware located at ARSC - the CRAY Y-MP supercomputer and a 128-processor CRAY T3D system that are among the fastest computers in the world.

In operation since 1992, the mission of ARSC continues to support computational research, science, and engineering - with emphasis on the high latitudes and the Arctic. ARSC provides scalar-vector and massively parallel processing (MPP) talent and related resources - high-performance computing, networking facilities, training, and technical support - to federal and state agencies, the academic community, and commercial affiliates.

1996 Cray University Research & Development Grant Recipients from ARSC

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