Researchers Receive Grants in Supercomputing

FAIRBANKS, Alaska -- The supercomputer manufacturer Cray Research Inc. has awarded $350,000 in grants to researchers affiliated with the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (ARSC) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF).

In addition, Cray Research has joined the supercomputing center's Technology Affiliates Program (TAP). The Technology Affiliates Program makes high-performance computing technology and training available to corporations, government agencies and non-academic organizations.

Cray Research grants encourage research and development in scientific, engineering or computer systems. Grants were awarded in diverse fields including the computer simulation of underground petroleum reservoirs, ocean modelling, satellite radar image processing, and space plasma simulation.

Cray Research targeted most of its development grants to projects on ARSC's new CRAY T3D supercomputer -- a calculating wizard with 128 processors that is capable of 19.2 billion math operations per second.

Researchers received nine grant awards ranging from $17,000 to $60,000. All but one of the recipients, Dale Haidvogel of Rutgers University, are UAF researchers.


  • Dorothy S. Corbett $17,000 Electronic hypermedia information center using Mosaic [information highway]
  • Jon Genetti $60,000 High resolution interactive medical imaging on a CRAY T3D system [3D images of human body]
  • Dale B. Haidvogel $40,000 CRAY T3D system ocean modelling using the spectral finite element method
  • T. Ming Jiang $45,000 Resource admin. and mgmt. for Cray computers
  • Shusun Li $42,000 Terrain correction of the SAR imagery using CRAY T3D massively parallel processor system
  • Craig S. Lingle $38,000 Measurement of surface velocity and elevations with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery
  • David O. Ogbe $33,000 Adaptive implementation of multigrid solution for petroleum reservoir simulation on distributed memory parallel processor [oil field production]
  • Coert Olmsted $42,000 Implementation of a space plasma simulation code in the CRAY T3D parallel environment
  • Mitchell Roth $33,000 CRAY T3D system and AVS [visualization of data]
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