Information Assurance (IA) Training


ARSC is concerned for the safety and security of the data and programs owned by all ARSC users. To ensure all ARSC users understand the importance of information security, we require all users to complete Information Assurance Awareness Training one time prior to the activation of their account.


Available Courses

All ARSC Users are required to complete one of the following the Information Systems Security Awareness courses:

Option 1

ARSC has prepared a short presentation on basic Information Assurance Awareness. Those slides are available for dowloading in PDF format from the ARSC website.

Option 2

If you use Department of Defense resources or other Federal resources requiring IA training, you may complete the couse offered on the Information Assurance Support Environment (IASE) Portal.

NOTE: ARSC does not require you to submit a certificate of completion, however if you complete the Information Assurance Support Environment Portal training you may wish to print and save the certificate of completion for your personal records.

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