Acquiring Accounts and Project Resources

Eligibility for ARSC Projects and Membership

The following conditions apply to ARSC projects and project membership:

  • Access to ARSC resources requires users to be a member of an ARSC project.  
  • Any University of Alaska (UA) affiliated faculty or staff can start an ARSC project.
  • All UA affiliated faculty, staff, or students can request a user account to become a project member.
  • Non-affiliated faculty or staff sponsored by UA affiliated faculty or staff may request a UA guest account and an ARSC account in order to access ARSC resources.  Please contact ARSC User Support for more information regarding UA guest accounts.

How to Apply

Please complete the following:

  1. Project "Grant" Application (for new projects only)   This form requests a new ARSC project and gathers contact informatin for the project Principal Investigator, additional project members, and the project's anticipated computational hour and/or storage resource usage. 
  2. User Application   Each project member requesting an ARSC user login account must complete the User Application form.  
  3. User Account Agreement  This form acknowledges that each user has read, understood, and agrees to the policies and procedures of ARSC. Every user must submit a signed Account Agreement before their account is activated on any ARSC system.
  4. Information Assurance Awareness All ARSC users must demonstrate an awareness of the safety and security of electronic data and devices.

Annual Project Renewal

All ARSC projects must be renewed by the PI annually.  Requests for additional computational allocation or storage throughout the year are accepted and will be accommodated if the resources are available.

Additional Information

User policies are available here.

Please contact ARSC User Support with any questions regarding the ARSC project and account request processes.

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